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Be Your Own Boss

The Benefits of Business Ownership

Invest in your own future and family. In today's society, so many are working hard to make their CEOs and managers rich, while they are barely making it financially. The corporations have created a system of legal slavery. They give the least they can in incentives, benefits, and wages while lining their own pockets.

UWE/FES is the opposite, they allow you to keep getting paid for every person you bring into the company whether they are a franchise business owner or a client. They offer amazing incentives, which makes working for them an exciting journey.

They allow you to work where-ever you want. You can make your own hours. You can set your own business goals. You can enjoy the benefits of being paid through direct commission, residual income, and passive income. This is the best company I have ever worked with. 

A Short Introduction

Why You Should Join Our Team of Professionals?

Are you tired of working long hours that disrupt your family life? Are you feeling too worn out to do anything after you get off from your 9-5 job? Do you feel overworked but under-paid? Are you stressing about money, bills, and debt? This is exactly where I found myself before I became a business franchise owner through FES which is now called UWE (United Wealth Education).

What if I told you that you could break out of this rat race and be your own boss, make your own hours, work around your family schedule, and still make a decent living. I have done it and so have hundreds of others. And our story is all the same-we will never go back to working for someone else again. 

There is so much freedom that comes from being your own boss, setting up your own business strategies, building a network of people around you that you enjoy working with, and deciding when to work and when to be with your family.

The potential for income is unlimited; you just have to take that first step of faith and then work towards your goals and you will reap success. One of the best reasons to join our company is our fantastic compensation plan.

Learn About Our Compensation Plan

What Does the Business Package Cost?

Business Ownership package costs $100 one-time activation fee, $100 one-time business website setup fee, and $89 monthly subscription fee for the Credit Restoration Services until you enroll five people. After you enroll five people, you will have no more credit restoration monthly subscription charges and will still have all the same features and benefits the Credit Restoration Program offers. There are no other fees required, no monthly business expenses, and no cost for products, shipping, or renting an office.

You will receive two fully built websites with your information profile on them and a way for your customers to purchase the credit restoration program or the business ownership package. You will be able to coach the business owners that join the company through you, until they are successful. Your credit restoration customers will be sent regular emails from UCES and updates to be able to work through the credit restoration services and use the services that are benefiting them the most. 


Products Included in Your Credit Restoration Package


What We Offer Business Owners

With you signing up to be a franchise business owner, you are given your very own business websites; two fully built and ready to use websites that allow you to enroll clients for credit restoration and franchise business owners. Our credit restoration program with all its included services are also given to you as a new franchise business owner. The more you know about the Credit Restoration Services, the more passionate you will be to share it with others.

This gives you the opportunity to increase your credit score, increase your income, and have a personal testimony of how these services have helped you. This is a 1099 business, which means you will be able to write off business expenses including; electronics, renting an office space, meetings over lunch, business travel, business brochures, business cards, and so much more. There is very little cost to become a business franchise owner.

The best part about being apart of this company is that you can have all the services included in the credit restoration program for free right after enrolling 5 people in our company. Another free benefit offered to you as a business owner is the life insurance being offered that is between $30,000 to $100,000. There are amazing incentives being offered as well, for example; buy a car on us and we will pay your monthly car payments, buy a new house on us and we will pay your house payments, and so much more offered to our amazing business owners as they move their way up to the higher levels of this company.

You will have access to a BACK OFFICE that will give you everything you need to be successful in your job; scripts, power-points, video presentations, advertising materials, training, and so much more. UWE/FES wants all their independent business owners to be successful, so they give you all the resources that you need to achieve this endeavor. 

How to Become a Business Owner

So what's the catch? There is no catch. This is a very lucrative business opportunity. UWE/FES has been in business over 17 years. They have wonderful services they offer, an amazing compensation plan, opportunities for more benefits and promotion, and people that love to work for them.

Most businesses require a large mortgage or $10,000 down to get their own business started. Most companies only offer websites to their highest paid employees. But this company is extraordinary.

They can change your life, help you get out of debt, give you a work from home position, and all you have to pay to get signed up with us as a Franchise Business Owner is $100 one-time activation fee, $100 one-time business website setup fee, and $89 monthly subscription fee for the credit restoration services until you enroll five people. After you enroll five people, you will have no more monthly subscription charges and will still have all the same features and benefits the Credit Restoration Program offers.

If you would like to be a business franchise owner, click the button below. If you want to know more about our business and what we can offer you, please fill out the form below.




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